Palestinian Paralympic team at Westminster

Hounslow-Ramallah Twinning Association joined MPs and dignitaries to welcome the Palestinian Paralympic team to Westminster on Monday 3rd September. It was an honour to meet the two athletes, Mohammed Fannouna and Khamis Zaqout.

Khamis Zaqout came fourth in his track and field event of shot put. Mohammed Fannouna is still competing and we wish him every success in the 200 metres and javelin.

Following on from the Palestinian Olympic team’s participation in the Olympic Games, both groups of players have overcome a great many obstacles in order to be able to compete at London 2012.

HRTA congratulates all team members and hopes to build on its links with the Ramallah-based Palestinian Olympic and Paralympic Committees to further the development of relations between our two communities.

Palestinian Olympic team comes to Hounslow

The Palestinian Olympic team joined the crowds in Lampton Park on Tuesday welcoming the Olympic torch to the Borough.

The team of five, plus coaches and officials, had arrived in London at the weekend and took a break from their busy training schedule in Stratford especially to visit Hounslow in acknowledgement of the Borough’s historic link with their country.

The Palestinian Olympic team comprises Maher Abu Rmeileh (Judo), Baha Alfarra (400m), Woroud Sawalha (800m), Sabine Hazboun (50m freestyle swimming), and Ahmed Gebrel (50m freestyle swimming). The team for London 2012 is the largest squad the Ramallah-based Palestine Olympic Committee has ever sent to compete at a Summer Olympics. Continue reading “Palestinian Olympic team comes to Hounslow”

HRTA meets Julia Daley from Ramallah Municipality

Committee members of the Hounslow-Ramallah Twinning Association met with Julia Daley from the International Relations department at Ramallah Municipality on her visit to London.

It was a wonderful opportunity to talk in person with one of our contacts in Ramallah. We were able to discuss current projects that both our communities are involved in, as well as ideas for exciting new projects.

Julia not only brought along some very informative literature about Ramallah Municipality, but also presented HRTA with a beautifully embroidered pennant, which was a gift from the Mayor of Ramallah, Janet Michael.

We were delighted to meet Julia and are looking forward to further developing the links between our two communities.

Overwhelming Public Approval for Twinning Revival

Borough residents have given a resounding ‘YES’ to Hounslow Council’s decision to revive the historic twinning link with Ramallah.

In a readers’ poll conducted by the Hounslow Chronicle this week, a whopping 78% voted to say they supported the move.

This is great news for the Twinning Association as we move forward with projects and events to promote friendship and closer links between our two communities.

HRTA hosts UK premiere of ‘Insha’Allah’

The Hounslow-Ramallah Twinning Association hosted the UK premiere of the documentary film ‘Insha’Allah’ on Saturday 30th October 2010 at the Watermans Arts Centre. The film was followed by a live video link with cast members in Palestine.

The event was organised and introduced by our Press Officer, Sana Serroukh, as the inspiration behind HRTA’s own forthcoming documentary film project, ‘Postcard from Hounslow’. This will be a short documentary about the London Borough of Hounslow to be filmed in early 2011, which we intend to send to our friends in Ramallah.

As well as being interested in life and culture in Ramallah, HRTA’s members and supporters also have a great interest in life and culture in Palestine in general. The Insha’Allah documentary went a long way in enlightening the audience in this respect. Continue reading “HRTA hosts UK premiere of ‘Insha’Allah’”

Hounslow Council officially recognises Hounslow-Ramallah Twinning Association

The Hounslow-Ramallah Twinning Association is proud to announce that the London Borough of Hounslow has granted us official recognition.

This brings to a successful conclusion our efforts to revive the historic link between the two communities which have been twinned since 1988.

Hounslow-Ramallah is the only twinning link with a Palestinian town or city in the whole of England to have been officially constituted at Local Authority level. Continue reading “Hounslow Council officially recognises Hounslow-Ramallah Twinning Association”

Steps towards our official re-establishment

The Special Council Meeting took place at the Council Chamber of the Civic Centre on the 27th April 2010. Prior to the meeting we had received a letter of thanks from Mayor Janet Michael of Ramallah expressing her gratitude for all our efforts being put into the reviving of this existing relationship. Mayor Michael also hoped that our Council would measure the importance of such a tie and officially recognise it so that our exchange programmes and actions could begin.
Continue reading “Steps towards our official re-establishment”

Inaugural Meeting of the Hounslow-Ramallah Twinning Association

“The rich diversity of our town has become in itself a lesson in the possibilities of co-operation and harmony between people of many different traditions and ethnic backgrounds. The concerns of the international community are reflected day by day in the lives of Hounslow citizens and it is of great importance that we nurture our relationships with towns and cities in other parts of the world, not least because it helps us to understand how to live together here in peace and mutual respect. I wish you well in the project…”

Continue reading “Inaugural Meeting of the Hounslow-Ramallah Twinning Association”

Hounslow & Ramallah in brief

With the success of the inauguration behind us, we now embark on a journey. Amongst the many achievements we hope to fulfil within the twinning are cultural awareness, knowledge and education, and community developments, bringing together two communities from different continents which can equally benefit each other. There is so much to learn from these two distinct places which although diverse in their traditions and backgrounds, share a collective vision for the future.

Hounslow has much to offer its residents and tourists who come to visit. Home to many historical sites including Kew Bridge Museum, Gunnersbury Park Estate, Kew Gardens and Hounslow Heath. Hounslow Heath was at a time very popular with the royals including Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and William III who used the grounds for hunting. Continue reading “Hounslow & Ramallah in brief”

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