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The Hounslow-Ramallah Twinning Association represents the historic twinning link between the London Borough of Hounslow and the Palestinian city of Ramallah.

Hounslow-Ramallah holds the proud distinction of being the only twinning link with a Palestinian town or city in the whole of England to have been officially constituted at Local Authority level.

“A twinning link describes a friendship agreement involving co-operation between two communities in different countries, endorsed by both local authorities. The twinned communities can organise projects and activities around a range of issues and develop an understanding of historical, cultural and lifestyle similarities and differences. These activities involve a wide range of community members.” (Source – London Borough of Hounslow.)

The formal twinning of Hounslow and Ramallah took place in July 1988 and resulted in a series of exchange visits, cultural activities and exhibitions. The relationship gradually became inactive by the mid-1990s, but a resident-led initiative in 2009 culminated in a revival of links.

The new Hounslow-Ramallah Twinning Association was inaugurated in February 2010, and granted official recognition by the London Borough of Hounslow at a full Council meeting in December 2010..

A detailed history of the twinning and its revival can be found here and a copy of the HRTA Constitution is available here.

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